Karibayama 狩場山

Location: Shimamaki-mura (Shiribeshi) Elevation: 1520m (~900m elevation gain) Length: Full day (~8km roundtrip) Hiked on: May 19th, 2019 The tallest peak in the Donan (Southern Hokkaido) area, Mount Kariba is one of the areas that receive the most of amount … Continue reading Karibayama 狩場山

Hokuchindake (via Kurodake) 北鎮岳 (黒岳経由)

Location: Kamikawa Elevation: 2244m (~700m elevation gain, ~1000m total elevation change) Length: Full day or overnight (~12km roundtrip) Hiked on: June 6th, 2017 Though virtually unknown to most people, Mount Hokuchin is actually the second tallest peak in Hokkaido after … Continue reading Hokuchindake (via Kurodake) 北鎮岳 (黒岳経由)

Suttsu Tenguyama ~ Horobetsudake 寿都天狗山・幌別岳

Location: Suttsu/Kuromatsunai/Rankoshi Elevation: Tenguama 840m, Horobetsudake 892m (highest point is ~910m, total elevation change ~900m) Length: Half-day+ (~14km roundtrip) Hiked on: March 27th, 2017 This was going to be a double peak attempt, however I did not make it all … Continue reading Suttsu Tenguyama ~ Horobetsudake 寿都天狗山・幌別岳