This blog aims to provide some basic information on hikes in Hokkaido, as well as other places in Japan at times. Please note that the stuff written here is not meant to be a detailed guide, but rather just the ramblings of an amateur hiker and where he went last weekend.

There’s a lot of English information on the more major mountains (like the Hyakumeizan) in Japan, but not so much stuff on the smaller, or sometimes big but lesser known mountains, especially in Hokkaido. There is still abundant information in Japanese, but it’s hard to interpret for those who do not know the language quite well. I hope this blog will give people some ideas of what’s out there and provide a starting point for people wanting to find new hikes in Hokkaido.

If you have any questions, need more information, or anything else, please feel free to leave a comment!


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  1. Hello! I found your blog while searching for hiking paths in Hokkaido, and find it really interesting! I’m planning to spend about a week there in late September 2017, and have lots of questions on the hiking possibilities at that time of the year. I was mainly wondering how safe it was, i.e. if the paths well indicated and well-maintained, or if you generally meet other people on the way.
    Also, do you know of group hikes that are organised in the region? I’m hoping to find a hiking partner by the time I arrive, but should that fail, I need a back-up plan that doesn’t involve me venturing all alone in the wild. I found one on walkjapan.com, but it’s very long, and far too expensive for me. Would you have specific things to recommend ?
    Thank you! 🙂


    1. Hi, thanks for the comment!
      September is definitely a great time to hike here, but keep in mind that the first snowfall will be around that time on the higher peaks of the Daisetsuzan. Also public transportation options will be quite limited by then, so renting a car and doing several day trips may be your best bet.
      The paths are generally well indiciated since there is very thick undergrowth especially below the tree level. Only places where routefinding might be an issue would be higher volcanic peaks (again mostly in the Daisetsuzan range) and on snowfields but that’s less of an issue by late fall. Definitely don’t count on running into people though, especially later in the season and on less popular hikes though.
      As far as organized hikes/tours I’m afraid I have no info but if you are used to hiking solo and take the usual precautions you should be alright. I almost always hike solo have never had issues *knock on wood*.
      Do let me know if you have any questions about specific hikes or areas!


  2. Great site. Thanks so much for putting it together. I wasn’t aware of any English hiking information so I can’t believe I’ve only just found this after already living in Sapporo for almost 3 months! So far, I’ve just been picking occasional hikes out of a Japanese hiking diary 北海道山楽紀行, but it’s not so helpful if you can’t read any Japanese.
    Also, can’t believe you’re calling yourself an amateur hiker, some of these hikes are pretty hardcore! I’m definitely an amateur in comparison.
    Just wondering, where are you from originally and what brought you to Hokkaido?


    1. Hi Neil,
      Thanks for the message and the kind words! I am glad that you’re finding the info useful, if you do have any questions about any specific hike on the site or another hike in Hokkaido let me know, although I’m not there anymore.

      I’m from Canada, first went to Hokkaido as an English teacher and then again to work in the Niseko area, but I’m in Tokyo now.

      Thanks again and happy hiking!

      – Peter


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