Ushiro-Tateyama Traverse (Ogisawa to Tsugaike) 後立山縦走 扇沢~栂池

Location: Ushiro Tateyama Range, Northern Alps (Omachi-shi ~ Otari-mura)
Altitude: 2932m (Shirouma-dake), total elevation gain ~4800m
Length: Multi-day (~45km)
Hiked on: September 11~14, 2015

First non-Hokkaido hike post! I headed down to the Kita-Alps for the first time in over 2 years for a traverse of the Ushiro Tateyama range, which includes the peaks of Jiigatake, Kashima-Yarigatake, Goryudake, and the Hakuba-sanzan mountains. The hike also goes through two of the “Sandai Kiretto (三大キレット)” of Japan (“kiretto” is the Japanese word for big gaps in a sharp ridge), the Hachimine Kiretto and Kaerazu Kiretto. While the hike is usually done from Sarukura in the north end via the Daisekkei, I chose to start from the other end, mainly because of the shortage of public transportation options outside of the peak summer season.  Ending the hike at Tsugaike does give you the option of taking the ropeway down, which saves you quite a bit of the knee knocking decent, although you’ll be doing a lot more climbing starting the hike from Ogisawa. There are plenty of mountain huts on this route, which I took advantage of, but camping is available and popular at most huts as well.

The rest of the post is just going to be photos, but if you have any questions regarding the details and logistics on the hike, please feel free to leave a comment!

DSC01891 DSC01907 DSC01978 DSC02008 DSC02038
DSC02124 DSC02167 DSC02170 DSC02171 DSC02183DSC02207 DSC02215 DSC02239 DSC02266 DSC02315  DSC02398DSC02417DSC02444


7 thoughts on “Ushiro-Tateyama Traverse (Ogisawa to Tsugaike) 後立山縦走 扇沢~栂池

    1. Hi Ann,
      Most of the huts in Japan do not require reservations except if you have a large group, want a private room, or visiting during one of the very busy times of the year. They can technically never turn people away though.


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