Tokushunbetsuyama 徳舜瞥山

Location: Otaki-ku, Date (Iburi-gun)
Altitude: 1309m (600m elevation gain)
Length: Half day (~6km roundtrip)
Hiked on: July 24th, 2015

Tokushunbetsuyama is a mountain located in Date. It’s characteristic is that the distance between the 6th and 7th station is longer than the distance between any other stations (or so it feels) . You can also continue on to Horohoroyama (ホロホロ山), which was what I was planning on doing if it wasn’t so fricking humid and cloudy. Add another 1.5 hours or so to the hike if you plan on doing so. I couldn’t see much on this hike because of the clouds, but there were some pretty flowers and butterflies near the top.



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